Strategic aim 5:

To continue to develop an outcome‑focused, high‑performing and sustainable organisation.

We will pursue the following objectives to achieve this aim:

Identifying and pursuing efficiencies

  • We will continuously review the way we operate to seek efficiencies in how we work.
  • We will evaluate the success of the creation of our Birmingham operational hub to understand the extent to which the anticipated benefits have been realised, and to consider whether we can make further efficiencies and savings in relation to our estate.
  • We will continue to pursue the implications of our fees policy, including the introduction of application and assessment fees, with a view to achieving a fairer distribution of the costs of regulatory activity.
  • We will continue to build and engage our workforce, who choose the GDC for their belief in our purpose and because it meets their expectations of work-life balance, development and inclusivity.
  • We will develop our workforce to ensure they have the skills required for the present and future.
  • We will continue to build operational resilience by embedding and further developing our approach to cross-skilling our staff; allowing greater agility and discretion in the deployment of our resources to match workload priorities.
  • We will review the structures and systems that support our organisational design, ensuring that we have effective workforce and succession plans in place. This includes ensuring that staff and associates are deployed in the most effective way, using appropriate and cost-effective arrangements.

Our expenditure plans

Read our expenditure plans, the financial assumptions these are based on and what this means for the ARF.

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