Strategic aim 4:

To maintain and develop the regulatory framework.

We will pursue the following objectives to achieve this aim:

  • We will continue to engage in and influence debate and thinking in respect of regulatory reform, contributing both to thought leadership and the evidence base through our programme of research.
  • We will ensure that our policy framework aligns with our strategic aims and objectives, and that our articulation of that policy in guidance to decision makers, professionals and the public is clear and readily accessible.
  • We will work with others to identify, understand and respond to the ongoing challenges arising from Britain’s planned exit from the EU, including the possibility of a differential impact across the UK.
  • Informed by robust research on its current use and the issues that arise from that, we will undertake a review of the Scope of Practice for dental professionals, with a view to enabling more effective deployment of the whole dental team and facilitating inter-professional working.
  • We will build our evidence base in relation to risk in dentistry using a range of mechanisms, including a review of our archive of fitness to practise data and decisions, demographic and diversity data and information and data on complaints held by us and others. This will include an analysis of whether, and how, risk differs according to a range of factors, including the diversity of the patient population.
  • We will implement our data and intelligence strategy. With co-design and partnership at its centre, our long-term research and intelligence plan will test, evaluate and inform the further development and improvement of all our programmes of work.
  • We will develop an overarching programme of monitoring and evaluation to determine whether, how and to what extent our approach to regulation is achieving our objectives and to understand and measure the difference regulation makes.

Strategic aim 5

To continue to develop an outcome-focused, high-performing and sustainable organisation.

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