Strategic aim 2:

To work with the professions and our partners to ensure that patients and the public are able to raise concerns with the agency best placed to resolve them effectively and without unnecessary delay.

We will pursue the following objectives to achieve this aim:

  • We will work with our partners in each of the four nations, including systems regulators, health services, patient organisations and the professions to develop a coherent and accessible system for resolving complaints, improving signposting for the public and routing complaints effectively and efficiently between organisations.
  • Building on work undertaken already, we will continue to take steps to ensure that members of the public are given appropriate information about how, and with which, body/organisation they can and should raise concerns, and signpost them to support with raising issues where necessary.
  • Informed by the blueprint for the system, we will review the Dental Complaints Service to ensure that the role it plays within the system and its funding model are appropriate, and that it is operating inconditions which allow it to provide a high quality and cost-effective service to those who use it.
  • We will continue our work with members of the Profession-Wide Complaints Handling Group to support and educate the professions to understand the value in feedback and complaints and to improve approaches to complaint handling.

Strategic aim 3

To use evidence, research and evaluation to develop, deliver and embed a cost‑effective and right-touch model for enforcement action.

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